Mobirise bootstrap website builder

Gavin Fisher Jewellery

Jeweller, Sydney, AUS
Gav is a long-time friend so I was extremely honoured to be asked to work up a new site for him. His custom made jewellery is outstandingly exceptional and I wanted his web to do it justice.
I used Mobirise Tech for the base of his web design and customised it to the whazoo. With large image sliders to show off his work, a dominant chocolate colour to add warmth and personality, and honest and personable content writing. And it's fully responsive for tablet & mobile.
And the best part of all, within a few days of launching; "2 enquiries today. Super awesome!"... and Gav also sent me flowers *blushing happily*

Tomorrow Partners

Financial Services, London
We designed a custom theme for this expert provider of banking, capital markets and debt advisory services and solutions.
Wordpress CMS was chosen so the client can make updates when desired.
The clients holds a custom CMS user guide tailored to their site for ease in updates. And we are always available via phone or Skype to offer assistance and advice.
Tomorrow Partners have been a client for over 3 years and we really enjoy the professional and friendly rapport they constantly offer.

Safehands Liverpoool Ltd

Social Welfare, Liverpool, UK
Safehands Liverpool have been clients for over 5 years for website design, hosting & emails. Recently we developed a new site for them to keep up with the need and demand for responsive web design.
We sourced free imagery from Pixabay which is a free community image sharing platform. And we remade their logo & the Every Child Matters logo in Illustrator for sharper clearer rendering.
The best reward after only 2 days live; "That is fantastic. I'm pleased to say that we have already gained some work as a result of the website! One local council was reading it yesterday and was really pleased."

Luke Walker Productions

Cinematographer, Sydney
Luke has the dubious pleasure of being one of my closest friends in this lifetime. 
So I poured my heart into this job to produce a bold and high impact website to showcase his writing, producing & directing.
Drupal CMS base for the build with a customised base theme. Luke wanted something dark black and dramatic to suit his thriller style.
He's super happy with the result and the integration of YouTube and Vimeo clips makes it really easy for him to update in one place only.
We're currently working on a mobile & tablet theme - stay posted!

LifeCom FM

Internet Radio, London
We've had the pleasure of designing & maintaining LifeCom FM's website and giving it the occasional facelift.
It was important to Happy that he have an easily updateable site with auto-updating blocks from his Twitter feed to save on double entry.
We also support & host his studio internet radio streaming.
We've used built in players for the MP3 stream and also radio players from SAM Broadcaster
We both develop and host this fantastic website.

FD Effedi Automation

Industrial Automation, Italy

I was proud to be the winner of a contest on for Effedi Automation's new company logo.
I worked with the contest holder to attain a logo that is modern and memorable.
The contest was hosted worldwide with online submissions and I was the winner from over 200 entrants.
I look forward to seeing the company develop.

Tomo Pizzeria

Menu & Sign, North London, UK
Tomo Pizzeria are long-time friends and we had the pleasure of helping them with graphic design start-up their successful North London restaurant.
We developed their initial logo, spent considerable thought and time on font selection, and enjoyed creating the graphics and layout for their sign and menu.
We sourced special paper with a texture and thick stock that would pass through the local printer and insert into plastic sleeves for easy menu changes.
We constantly wish them every success.

Victorian Solar Solutions

Solar power providers, Australia

This project took an old Joomla site and content and migrated it to an off the shelf Drupal design template (with customisations as always).
VSS wanted something bright, with great images, and attention grabbing colour.
We re-created their logo to make it more sharp. And sourced images to suit their site.
We also created an online quick submission form for enquiries that feeds straight to their email as speed and ease of enquiry is critical to their business.

BDN Ingeniería de Alimentación

Web Development & Hosting, Barcelona, SPAIN
Although we didn't design BDN's original site, we are reponsible for developing, maintaining and hosting it.
We installed Redmine which is a project management web application.
And assisted in translation of content from Spanish to English and produced the English version of the site.
Aunque no diseñamos el sitio original de BDN, nosotros somos responsables de desarrollo, mantenimiento y alojamiento. Instalamos Redmine, que es una aplicación web de gestión de proyectos. Y ayudamos con la traducción de Español a Inglés.